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Welcome to the new official Ninurai Home Page
With the Ninurai finally getting back on it's feet, as a more organized, more disciplined, a stronger Ninurai. it only makes sense to expand in a bigger way. A way that we can spread the knowedge of the ninurai and what we are about, and to inform everyone just what we are up to.
What's New to Check Out
So far the newest to check into is, well actually, everything. Since this site has just opened, everything is new. Some suggestions are the bio pages, Aoshi's Words of Wisdom, and Image Gallery. Coming soon will be a kick ass Video Gallery too. So watch out for all the cool stuff allready here and all the even cooler stuff coming i can't even tell you about.


what do you want
what do you want to see, well let me know so i can give it to you, want to see more of us in action, want to see more Words of Wisdom, want to see more of Cho's ass? let us know, we are not afraid to give you what you want.
contact us